Why does your cat require a water fountain

Why does your cat require a water fountain

Why does your cat require a water fountain?

Cats have a reputation for being finicky drinkers. Many cats will only sip from their owner's cup of water, while others will decline to drink from just about any container and will whine until the faucet is turned on. That’s why an automatic cat water fountain might be the best option. They are helpful in many ways thanks to the following factors:

The majority of cats do not drink enough water. Domestic cats need to drink enough liquid because they can't capture mice, birds, or any other prey. Provide a water fountain for your kitties to encourage them to drink regularly.

Water is essential for the wellness of your cat.

It is critical to drink plenty of water to avoid renal and urinary disorders. When cats don't get enough water, the salts in their urine solidify and create pebbles, which can be dangerous. Running water is far more enticing to kitties, and it can help them avoid health issues and a hefty medical expense.

Cats have problems seeing the volume of water in a dish.

Regular water dishes are used by many cat owners. They're fantastic, however, have you noticed how difficult it is to see the water level within it? Cats have excellent vision, but their hearing is much better.

This implies that the sound of flowing tap water or water cascading down the waterfall will undoubtedly catch the eye of your observant cat!

Residual water is dangerous to cats.

Stagnant water outdoors is a good breeding ground for pathogens that may make a cat very sick. Running water, on the other side, is significantly safer for house cats, which is why so many people choose it.

Some water fountains contain a bacteria-removal filter that softens the water. Furthermore, there is no exposed reservoir where dirt can collect, ensuring that your cat has access to fresh water at all moments.

Cats despise having their whiskers stroked.

The whiskers of a cat are hyper delicate and supply your pet with knowledge about the environment. When a cat's whiskers are stroked without purpose, such as when sipping or feeding on a dish that is too deep, some cats feel upset. Whisker fatigue or whisker exhaustion are terms used to describe this ailment. For a pleasant, stress-free drinking experience, water fountains are aimed at keeping your cat's whiskers intact.


Cats aren't always eager to drink from a standard dish, and that's where pet drinking fountains come into play. A water fountain should be easy to use, clean, and low-maintenance in addition to offering your cat a stream of moving water.

Certain water dispensers are more straightforward to assemble, fill, and maintain than many others. Examine whether the sprayer has filters, how often they need to be changed, and how to maintain it clean.

If you're planning to put your fountain anyplace where it can be heard, noise may be a big consideration. Some individuals love the sound of flowing water, while those with delicate sensibilities may choose a quieter variant. Start paying attention to the sound of the fountain's engine as well as the sound of the water—some can be quite loud.