What Is a USB-C to Lightning Fast-Charging Cable Made of? What to Know

What Is a USB-C to Lightning Fast-Charging Cable Made of? What to Know

A USB-C to lightning fast-charging cable has a USB-C port on one end and a lightning connector on the other. Therefore, it combines lightning and a USB-C cable, which makes the cables slightly confusing. However, they are not the same. A lightning cable is used to charge and sync your Apple phone with other devices, while a USB-C cable is used to charge phones. It is used for mid to high-level smartphones. Therefore, the critical difference is that lightning cables are mostly connectors for different Apple devices, not just charging. Browse and find more USB-C cables on the Ugreen website. This post discusses materials from which USB-C to lightning cables are made of.

What materials will you find in USB-C to lightning cables?

One of the best features to consider when choosing a USB-C to lightning cable is the construction. The trick is to always go for robust cables. Their strength and durability are usually determined by the materials they are made of. There aren’t too many material options for USB-C to lightning cables. Below is a breakdown of the best materials for making USB-C to lightning cables.

Internal wires

Most USB-C to lightning cables feature tinned copper wires. The wires are usually multi-layered and feature a protective casing that reduces electromagnetic interference when using the cables. Their protective casing and multi-layered wires also prevent data and power loss.  With these powerful wires, a USB-C to lightning cable gives you faster charging times than traditional cables. It also allows you to charge and sync your Apple devices.

The outer sleeve

The cables feature an outer sleeve made from elastic TPE. This is the most common material because it can withstand cracking and deformation, especially with frequent use for a long time. That means you will not have to spend money every day buying cables. The TPE elasticity allows wrapping during storage. You get to wrap your cable without the worry of breakage or internal wire disorientation. Online stores are the best places to go for a collection of USB-C cables and Lightning fast-charging cables.


Most USB-C to lightning cables have a PVC jacket and foil shielding. The PVC material is among the best options manufacturers embrace because of its strength, feel, and diversity. It also protects the cables from damage and ensures the safety of the users. You can be sure that you buy a cable that will not just serve you for years but also ensure there are no minor accidents that might cost you a lot.


When choosing the best USB-C to lightning fast-charging cable, the material is one of the most critical elements. Quality materials ensure the durability and safety of the cable. Apart from the materials, the overall construction of the cables is also worth looking into. Naturally, these elements influence the cost of the cables. A durable USB-C to lightning cable is affordable and worth it. Ready to own the cables today? Check out all these cables and much more at the Ugreen website today.