Unraveling of Mechanical and Variable Vaping Mods

Unraveling of Mechanical and Variable Vaping Mods

Before the rise in fame and popularity of disposable vapes, mechanical and variable vaping devices reign supreme in the vaping world. These are the vaping mods that defy the limits of innovations and upgrades for vaping devices. Mods after mods are released almost monthly with new features superior to other previous vaping devices. Here's a deep dive into the two devices that molded vaping into a new era.

Mechanical vs Variable Mods

When discussing these two types of vaping devices, it is always accompanied by the question of which is better between these two vaping mods. It is a question with no solid winner and loser, as the whole vaping community has its answer split in half and even today. The answer on which one is much superior between mechanical and variable mods all lies in different vapers' perspectives. So much so this never-ending discussion and debate for the mechanical and variable vape mods did not deliver more confusion and hate. Instead, these open forums brought more helpful information while solidifying the entire vaping community. To fully understand these two renowned kings of vaping devices, here's detailed information about their unique characteristics, features, and purpose in vaping.

Mechanical Vape Mods

Mechanical mods or "full-mech vapes" are very straightforward but sometimes complicated. It became complicated because of the "hybrid mech mods", which will be further discussed later. Mech mods follow a straightforward mechanism; draw power directly from the battery by pushing a switch that will then contact the battery to the atomizer to produce vapor. Mechanical mods don't have any wirings inside their mechanism. It is a way to avoid power draw loss, and only copper contacts are used to draw and deliver raw power output with every vape. There are also no chipsets inside of mechanical mods to control the temperature, wattage, and resistance. The contact pole of the atomizer is in direct contact with the top of the battery or through a copper plate. Full mechs are loved by vapers who always want to vape with a massive chunk of clouds, thus correlating with vaping's sub-genre, cloud chasing. Here come the complicated hybrid mech mods, which have two classifications; the semi-mech and the variable mech. Starting with the semi-mech is 80% similar to how a total pledge mechanical vape looks and works. The only noticeable difference that took out that 20% is the chip integrated into the device, controlling the wattage of power draw to a fix. A semi-mech drains the battery much slower than a full-mech but produces less vapor on about the same percentage of 20% fewer clouds of vapor. Now comes the variable mech. These vaping devices have the same build and mechanism as a full-mech mod except for fully switchable power draw settings. Usually, it is a chip connected to a rotating switch with roman numerals indicator corresponding to the power draw's level limit. The most common setting for a variable mech has 4 settings, with 1 being a 25% power drawing limit and 4 as 100%, which means running the device on full-mech mode. Performance, cloud production, and battery life depend on the settings level giving a lot more versatility than a full mech mod.

Variable Vaping Mods

Compared to the complicated world of mechanical mods, the variable vaping mods can be explained more briefly while still fully understanding the whole concept. Variable mods are vaping devices with a mainboard installed with a chipset and some in brands while running on a program or firmware. Wires connect the battery to the chip and then to the atomizer in simultaneous communication providing different kinds of vaping experiences depending on the current settings manually set by the vaper. A variable mod has many settings, including wattage, resistance, temp control, coil bypass, etc. These wide variations in settings made the name "variable" for this type of vaping device. Variable vape mods are much favored by flavor-chasers, the type of vapers who prefer the quality of the taste on e-liquids with vaping over the massive chunk of vapors. It is also a sub-genre of vaping called flavor-chasing—a sub-genre of vaping popular today. Thanks to the variable mods concept of bringing out the quality of flavors in e-liquids, vape pod kit devices and disposable vapes constitute a significant hit today for following the flavor-chasing footsteps of variable mods.

Final Thoughts

These two major vaping devices molded the vaping community into what is now seen today. This article explains not only their principles and characteristics thoroughly, but most importantly, which one suits best depending if the vaper is more into cloud-chasing or flavor-chasing.