Popular Designs and Starter Kits of a 40W POD System

Popular Designs and Starter Kits of a 40W POD System

Apart from the different exterior brand designs, several other features distinguish a pod system. Features such as the output power and rechargeable battery charge outline the difference in the type of vape kit you use. Various power vape kits include the 40W pod system, which ranks among the highest output power vape systems.

High power in a vape tank means higher production of liquid vapor, which is the essence of vaping. The 40W pod system has incredible features that make it a high-quality essential vape kit. Although they come in different brands and designs, the system has almost the same functionality in all of these brand vapes with subtle variations in features.

What is a 40W Pod System?

A 40W pod system means it has a maximum power output of 40 Watts. Vape kits are designed with different power ranges, ranging from 5W to 50W, which is the highest output power in current design kits. Since it has high output power, it generally has higher nicotine strength than lower pod systems. Specific features such as coil resistance, battery power, and exterior design differ depending on the brand of the pod mod.

Popular 40W Starter Kits

Below are popular, highly-reviewed 40W pod systems.

1. The 40W Smok Alike Pod Kit

This pod kit has a rechargeable battery with 1600mAh of charge and can hold approximately 5.5ml of liquid. It has a luxurious outer look which consists of Zinc and leather material. The pod system is sizeable, can fit in the palm, and has a firing speed of 0.001 seconds.

2. The Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Pod system

The Vaporesso kit has an open-top system that allows liquid refilling. It has an adjustable airflow feature that allows for simple changes during smoking. The rechargeable battery has a charge of 1400mAh and a tank capacity of 1.8ml. This tank has an LED element that indicates power levels and additional overcharge protection.

3. Nevox Feeling X 40W Vape Pod

Nevox has an internal battery that is powered at 1600mAh. It has two removable coils with a resistance of 0.3 or 0.6 ohms. The charging system is a type-C, and it takes approximately 50 minutes to recharge with an adjustable airflow on the side. This brand comes in 7 different bright colors.

4. The Vopoo 40W Seal Kit

This kit has five different color selections with charging protection to prevent overcharging. The battery is powered at 1600mAh and is recommended for MTL vaping.

Disadvantages of a 40W Pod System

Although this high 40W power output is advantageous, it also has some disadvantages.

1. Higher E-liquid usage

Since there is a high power, your liquid will vaporize much faster. You will need to refill it more frequently than a low-power pod system.

2. Lower Lifespan

Because of high temperatures, your coils may be strained and cannot last long.

3. Faster Battery Draining

Putting out 40W of power requires a lot of electric power. Thus, you will need to charge your vape more often.


A 40W pod system can be a top essential for an experienced vaper. Since the high power means heavier smoke clouds are produced, it can be overwhelming for a beginner. Although it has a few disadvantages, the 40W vape kit arguably betters the vaping experience and is an excellent kit you should purchase.