Maintain Healthy Environment With Hotel Disinfection Robot

Maintain Healthy Environment With Hotel Disinfection Robot

Hotels have a great contribution to our society. They attract several people for dine-in activities. Their main role is to serve quality food with up-to-mark hygiene. This is important because people love to eat in a clean and safe environment. Maintaining a healthy environment also draw up a greater number of customer and boost your net revenue.

You can achieve such an environment by utilizing a hotel disinfection robot. This innovative technology has eliminated old means of cleanliness and manpower. It can do all the work on its own by offering complete automation. You need nothing to do on this behalf, just put in the disinfectant.

The hotel disinfection robot is a robot, as the name suggests. It has wheels at its bottom and follows the command you give. You can move it anywhere you want by giving a path to follow. When you want it to perform its function, and when not, you can tweak this and much more. Find more information on hotel disinfection robots right in this short article.

What Makes A Hotel Disinfection Robot Standout?

Several things contribute to the reputation of the hotel disinfection robot, such as:

High Kill Rate

With a hotel disinfection robot, you can kill or eliminate almost 99.99 percent of germs. This means the effectiveness of the disinfectant robot is very high. It leaves not a single germ alive. You cannot get such a high kill rate with traditional disinfection methods. The spray efficiency and nozzles cover every single spot. This is because the nozzles are in every 90 degrees out of a 360-degree angle. Even in the unreachable corners, the mist gets reached.

Auto Obstacle Avoidance

You don’t need to worry about the damage or collision of the hotel disinfection robot with obstacles. It has an in-built sensor that detects if there is any obstacle present within its path. This then sends the command and can alter its path of motion following that command. No person or individual needs to take care of this robot while it is moving. The high-quality programmed PCB helps the robot to achieve this function.

Highly Efficient

The efficiency reflects how much space you can disinfect in how much time. With a hotel disinfection robot, you can clean up to 1000 m3 in just around 15 minutes. This means that regardless of your vicinity size, you can achieve a proper and well-clean environment in less time. People often prefer buying such devices that are time and work efficiently. This feature contributes to the overall effectiveness of the hotel disinfection robot.

Adjustable Atomization

You can adjust the amount of disinfectant you want to release in a given amount of time. The range exists between 800 milliliters per hour and 3000 milliliters per hour. You can select between any range you want. Lowering the atomization will allow you to double or more the disinfection time. Because ultimately, it affects disinfectant consumption. This is because, with the atomization of 3000 milliliters per hour, its operation lasts up to 5 to 6 hours.