How To Get FIFA 23 Coins in IGHow To Get FIFA 23 Coins in IG vault? vault?

How To Get FIFA 23 Coins in IGHow To Get FIFA 23 Coins in IG vault? vault?

If you are a FIFA fan and have been invested in this near-to-reality video game, you would already know what FIFA 23 coins are. For everyone else who has heard this term for the first time, FUT coins are the digital currency used in the latest editions of this game to purchase favorite players, update their abilities, enable different gaming modes, and modernize your gaming arsenal. A good number of online websites are buying and selling these game coins. Still, IG vault has been recommended by the professional gaming community for its safe trading and reliable services. If you have also heard about the IG vault but don’t know how to receive your FIFA 23 coins in it, this article is for you.

What are FIFA and FUT Coins?

Since the day EA announced that the FIFA 23 would be the last of its kind edition of the video game, the demand for FIFA 23 coins and FIFA Ultimate Team FUT coins has touched the skies. The increase in the overnight market for game currencies like FIFA 23 is justified because FIFA 23 is set to have the richest content in terms of players, features, leagues, game modes, and world cup content compared to the previous versions of the game.

Unlike in previous versions, the amount of rewards for competing against your opponents in multiplayer mode in FIFA Ultimate Team is higher, so you can win more game credit while playing fewer matches to build your dream team. Several online marketplaces help you trade/buy/sell these FIFA coins and also tell you ways to win these game coins for free.

How to get FIFA 23 Coins in iG Vault?

If you have finally managed to get your hands over these excellent FIFA 23 coins, you can use IG Vault to store and trade them online. The two most used methods to transfer your coins to this online vault exist. We recommend you go with the first one:

Safe Trade

The method requires you to complete your online payment first. Once your dues are cleared, you will be required to go to the order section and provide all the relevant details like EA origin account details and EA origin password, along with five backup codes. After submitting it and completing your order, you can change all your account details.

Player Trade

The second method is quicker but has the potential to be misused online. You begin with completing your payments and providing proof. Once your dues are dealt, you will have to go to the order section and click on the Get coins button. Your email inbox will receive a link to make the transaction.

How IG Vault Offers Reliable After-Sales Service?

The biggest threat in trading FIFA 23 coins online is that FIFA coins transfer sometimes can even result in your coins being zeroed out or completely banned. Irrespective of whether you have used a reliable card or not. This is a sorry situation for any gamer, and so IG vault provides you complete refund policy that will refund all your coins within 24 hours of coin delivery. If you are looking to buy cheap FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) coins, you cannot get anything safer and more reliable than the IG vault.


FIFA 23 is set to be the last game of this edition; according to EA and fans, gaming enthusiasts worldwide cannot help themselves from buying these FIFA and FUT coins. If you are interested in purchasing the cheapest ultimate coins, go for IG vault and get the most reliable and trustworthy coin trade services.