How long does the Disposable device last? Vape Info

How long does the Disposable device last? Vape Info

Many people think that if they purchase disposable vapes, it's a temporary vaping solution, while it's not true. Disposable devices last for a long time. If you wonder how long a disposable vape product lasts, it's time to continue reading and get the answer. The lifespan of this product depends on different factors; you need to take into account all of them to get a clear picture. 

Vape Battery 

Since you can't replace the battery of disposable ones, it's good to get a vape with a long-lasting battery. If you get a device with a weak battery, you will have to face trouble later. It happens that your device's battery dies while it's the oil isn't consumed fully. Since you can't recharge batteries, you feel bad for wasting your precious money. Therefore, always look into its battery before you buy a disposable device. Try to find out about the lifecycle that depends on the quality of the battery. The best battery is made of Lithium-ion, especially the one with Ultra-charge technology. 


How long a disposable pen lasts depends on the volume of its oil fill. When you get a device with 0.5ml fill, you can easily use it for up to 225 draws. However, when you go with 0.25ml oil fill, you can't take more than 125 draws. If you are a frequent user and like to vape for a long time, consider getting a device with more fill; otherwise, you will feel frustrated once your device becomes totally empty.


If you get a disposable device with adjustable features, you need to look into temperature. Make sure that the device offers you varied temperature control. If the temperature is very high, the oil will burn fast. However, when you can manage the temperature, you will consume oil slowly and in a way you like. 


Are you an occasional user? If yes, then a disposable device will last for a very long time. The way you use a device also determines lifespan. For example, an avid user takes a large dose and uses the device frequently. This frequent use and long length of the draw will finish oil quickly.


Another thing that will determine the lifespan of your disposable vape pen is the way you store the device. If you store it at room temperature, it prolongs the life of your device. Idea temperature for this vape pen is between 15˚-25˚C (59˚-77˚F). During winter, your battery overworks to heat up the juice, so it ends fast. If you want to save your battery, keep the device in your hand and rub your palm so that the device heats up fast and consumes less battery power.

Before you purchase a disposable device, you need to consider all the factors to find out whether it will last for a long time or not. Although adjustable vapes are expensive, they offer you the best value for the money you spend. Therefore, try getting some additional features that can be worth your while.