How Can I Measure my Ear Gauge Size?

How Can I Measure my Ear Gauge Size?

Looking to get an early piercing? Or do you plan on adding yet another one to the glorious holes already at your disposal? Whatever situation you find yourself in, knowing your ear gauge size is important. Knowing how to get the right ear gauge sizes is even more crucial.

You can only figure this out when you know how to measure your ear gauge size. This is what this article will address.

Why are Ear Gauge Sizes So Important?

First, why is so important that you know what your ear gauge size is? It allows you to know the exact size or hole that’s needed for an earring or jewelry. That way, you don’t over-stretch your ear muscles.

It’s also important if you want to avoid injuries to your ear. These injuries can hurt and attract infections. It’s not something you’ll want right now.

Thus, knowing your ear gauge sizes is the best way to solve this problem. Fortunately, this article has just what you need.

The Best Ways to Measure Your Ear Gauge Sizes

Understand the Basics

The first thing you need to do is understand the basics. When it comes to picking an ear gauge size, you’ll need to look at a chart that shows the various sizes.

The truth is that the larger your stretched ears, the lower the gauge number needed. Knowing this will help you to make the right pick.

Then, you’re going to need to convert this to millimeters and inches.

Here are some ways you can measure your ear gauge sizes.

Using Tools

The first way of doing this is by using different tools. Tools such as a gauge wheel and caliper tapes are extra choices. However, make sure you have a good idea of how to carry it out efficiently. Anything less might lead to damage that you don’t need.

Using Measuring Tape

Most people also make use of measuring tapes to measure their gauge sizes. To pull this off, make sure that you place the top of the measuring tape on top of the jewelry or earring.

Next, you read the measurement of your gauge of the measuring tape. Once you have gotten the accurate measurement, you’ll need to subtract at least 0.16cm from each end.

Make sure you do your research properly before deciding to use a measuring tape.

So, What Next?

Once you know how to measure your ear gauge size, the next step is to get your ear gauge sizes. Online marketplaces are your best option when it comes to getting a great product.

There are many benefits you get from getting your ear gauge sizes online. First, you get to compare prices and make the one that suits your budget. Also, having more options to choose from is always a good thing.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Knowing how to measure your ear gauge sizes is crucial for having your ear piercing go as planned.

You will be rewarded for your efforts.