Significant Features Of The Best Pillow For Kids

Significant Features Of The Best Pillow For Kids

Pillow for kids, especially those above the age of five, is different from a newborn. The most common difference is usually in size. Pillow for children plays an essential role in their sleep foundation. Thus, it is essential to ensure that all children have nice and comfy pillows. Furthermore, the best pillow for kids is one that ensures improved quality of sleep. Quality sleep leaves room for growth and development in children. Below are some of the significant features of the best pillow for kids.


Significant features of the best pillow for kids

1. Right size

Children, especially toddlers, cannot sleep on the same pillow size as adults. Furthermore, the pillow should be able to fit in a crib well. For kids, the pillow size is usually half that of adults. It can either be an airline pillow size or have a dimension of 12” by 16”. Additionally, the right pillow size reduces the chances of suffocation. Also, for kids between the age of four and six, a large pillow offers them appropriate spinal and neck support.


2. Thin pillow

The best pillow for kids is one that minimizes the risks of sudden infant death due to suffocation. Therefore, you should avoid lavishly fluffy and thick pillows for kids. The best type is usually a thin and firm pillow. The firm and thin pillow will reduce the chances of your kids suffocating from it.


3. Fiber pillow

Pillow made from the fiber is ideal for children. Some pillows made of hazardous fillings such as grains may increase the chances of your child choking if the pillow accidentally opens up. Therefore, it is vital to promote your baby’s safety by using only acceptable pillow fillings.


4. Hypoallergenic pillows

The best pillow for a child that has allergies is the hypoallergenic pillow. Some kids have allergies to mold, dust mites, and mildew. Therefore, those children need to buy pillows that are resistant to typical allergies. One example of hypoallergenic pillows is one made from organic cotton covers. The organic cotton material is usually soft and breathable. Furthermore, it is developed without the use of harsh dyes. Harsh dyes are commonly known for causing skin irritation.

5. Soft pillows

For children of four and six years, their pillows are much softer than newborns to three-year-old’s. Therefore, when you get the pillows for your kids, ensure to look at the age-appropriate pillows. The different age sets use different pillow sizes depending on their overall growth and development stage. Thus, the best pillow for your child is one that matches their development stage.


6. Removable cover

Generally, children can be messy. That is, you can find food stains, dirt, or even saliva on the pillows. Therefore, the best type of pillow for your baby is one that ensures you can easily wash it. Furthermore, the removable covers make it possible to remove the cover and clean the pillow easily. Thus, your babies stay in a clean environment.



The best pillow for kids depends on their age. A pillow meant for a newborn is not convenient for a four-year-old. Furthermore, some children have allergies while others do not. Thus, it is essential to pick a pillow best for your child depending on their age, allergy situation, and the pillow’s cleanability.