Features and Specifications 48v LifePO4 Battery

Features and Specifications 48v LifePO4 Battery

Battery technology is now in demand as it is more renewable than sources of energy like petrol, diesel, and gas. They are used to run the factories, their machinery, bikes, and other automobiles and hence considered the only sources of energy. But the concept has been changed now. Solar power batteries and other batteries are considered more reliable and cheap sources of energy than the others.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) is one of the most powerful electric energy sources. lifepower4 battery is used in electrical vehicles, automobile systems, powerful solar systems, LSVs, bikes, and other places. It provides power with 48v DC and consists of 16 cells of 3.2 volts each.

Features of LifePO4

48v LiFePO4 batteries are a good replacement for other energy sources. These are the features that make it a better option.


It provides power safely to the required systems. The LifePO4 helps to increase the life cycle of the battery.


It has a built-in BMS option that measures current, voltage and manages alarm, and temperature functions.

Cut off System

It has a cut-off system. When the demand for power increases or the battery is not able to meet the requirements, the system will be cut off to maintain the battery life.


It produces very little noise if it is functioning normally. This is because it is built to operate at low noise.

Eco Friendly

These batteries don’t emit any kind of harmful materials to the environment. Therefore, can be used in the homes of residential areas as well. This makes it a good choice instead of petrol or other energy sources that produce heat and harmful substances to the environment.

Specifications of the 48v lifepo4 Battery

The Lifepo4 battery has a large size and can weigh between 40 to 50 kg. The size of the battery depends upon its usage of it, can be of hand sizes to larger ones. It has a voltage capacity of 48v to 51.2v and a nominal capacity of 98 to 100AH. Due to an increase in its life cycle, it has the system of charge and discharge cut off.

It will automatically cut off its charging at 54AH and discharge at 40AH. It has overcurrent protection at up to 120 to 140A. it has a plastic body to avoid any kind of harmful activity. It can be proven as a one-time investment ad saves you a lot of expense. It reduces the cost of using other materials for energy and due to its long life cycle, it reduces the cost of other sources.

Applications of the 48v LiFepo4 Battery

It can be used as a great, renewable, long-term energy provider for many systems.

Industrial use

48v LiFepo4 battery is used in the industries as a UPS. It serves as a source of backup energy for them.

Outdoor Usage

This battery is used in outdoor lighting, street lighting, and light billboards.

Home Usage

It is safe and there are very rare chances of its explosion. This feature makes it a good choice to use as a backup power provider in houses like UPS.

Solar Systems

This battery can be used in solar systems as they need a power source to operate.

Automobiles Usage

These kinds of batteries are used in golf vehicles, electric bikes, four-wheeler vehicles, and other automotive vehicles as well.


48v LiFepo4 batteries are a good source of backup power supply. They can be used in industries, homes, factories, bikes, vehicles, mobiles, etc., making them a good energy source. It has a long life cycle and is safe to use as well. It can be a great investment for your businesses plus the places where you need a constant power supply.