Everything You Need to Know About Pressure Washer Pumps

Everything You Need to Know About Pressure Washer Pumps

A pressure washer is sophisticated, too, that enhances the pressure of water coming from a regular hose. The basic principle of a pressure washer is pressure acceleration which is done by the pump.

The pump works as a heart in a pressure washer that receives water from the motor & releases it through a nozzle with higher intensity. In case the pump of your pressure washer burns out or gets damaged, the pressure washer becomes useful.

To purchase a new pump, first, you need to know everything about it. Here we are giving a brief detail about pressure washer pumps from their type to features.

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Classification of Pumps

A pump is a tool that is used to transport fluids like water. Basically, there are two main categories of pumps that are Centrifugal/cantilever & Positive Displacement pumps.

  • Centrifugal Pumps are divided into three main types based on flow pattern: radial, axial, & mixed.
  • Displacement pumps are of two types: rotatory (gear, cavity, etc.) & reciprocating (plunger, bladder, piston).

The pressure washer pumps belong to a reciprocating class of the second category. Pressure washer pumps are divided into three main types;

  1. Piston (wobble plate)
  2. Axial cam
  3. Plunger (triplex)

1. Piston/Wobble Plate Pumps

Wobble plate is a sub-category of piston pumps. These pumps use the driveshaft to suck up water. It’s one of the most complicated types with only 70% efficiency. You will hardly find these pumps in pressure washers because of the high repair cost.

These pumps can last up to 2-3 years & used in low/medium flow washers.

2. Axial Cam/Swash Plate Pump

Axial cam/swash plate pump is an innovative, less complex form of the piston pump. These pumps use swash plates for water sucking.

Compared with the previous type, the axial cam has a much longer lifespan of approx. 800 hours. These pumps are used in pressure washers with high liquid flow.

3. Plunger Pump

Plunger/crank-driven pump is one of the best, most advanced, but expensive type plunger pumps. With 90% efficiency, these pumps don’t need high maintenance & have a longer lifetime.

Considerable Factors to Choice the Best Pressure Washer

Regardless of the type and efficiency of pumps, you can’t just choose a type and fit that into your washer. Not all the washers are strong enough to bear the advanced-typed pumps that can cause damage to your washer.

Therefore you need to consider various features to buy a pump for your pressure washer. Some of these features are listed below.

  • Pump fluid flow capacity of engine (PSI)
  • Size & orientation of engine shaft (horizontal/vertical)
  • Proper measurement of bold arrangement around the engine
  • Price & maintenance
  • Brand & customer reviews

Online Pump Resources/ Top Brand

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Being the most important pressure washers, pumps need proper maintenance and timely replacement. But no mistakes are acceptable while choosing the pump as it can cause you various risks.

Here we have provided you with complete detail of the pressure washer pump that will be helpful for your selection.