Computers Like Raspberry PI You Should Know

Computers Like Raspberry PI You Should Know

Developers and computer enthusiasts must surely have heard of the tiny card-sized computer known as Raspberry Pi. It can function as a full-fledged PC if you plug in a display unit and also the input unit. It is a great device to learn basic programming languages like Python and Java, as well as run various applications and programs on it. A few example projects one can try with computers like raspberry pi as an alternative to raspberry pi include making a car dashboard, a media player, or even a retro gaming machine among others.

Besides Raspberry Pi, many developers choose to use development boards from various other manufacturers as a part of an alternative to a raspberry pi. Some of the reasons for this decision may be because it is cheaper, or because is better for the functions they require among many others. The boards by Geniatech are a great choice too for several reasons.

Let us take a look at a few Raspberry Pi-like computers by Geniatech and the features that make them a great choice.

Features Of Geniatech’s Computers Like Raspberry PI

Let us take a look at the few features that Geniatech computers share with Raspberry Pi.

1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Capability

Geniatech computers, just like Raspberry Pi, have Wi-Fi connectivity. They can connect to the internet remotely, and download necessary instructions and updates. Further, the Internet can be used to upload files remotely into the computer too. Geniatech’s XPI computers supports dual-band 2.4G/5Ghz Wi-Fi as well as Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.

Further, these computers also come with Bluetooth connectivity and support BT4.0 for input devices.

2. Can Connect To Ethernet & LAN

Geniatech computers have external ports that can connect to the ethernet with LAN cables. They come with a onboard 100M Ethernet port that supports external 40-pin interface.

3. Supports Upto 4K resolution

Geniatech computers are capable of supporting high resolution playback for movies and videos. When connected to external display units, they can support upto 4K resolution to give a great and immersive experience to the viewers.

4. Can Work On Android & Linux Operating Systems

This is one of the best features of Geniatech computers. They can run on both Android and Linux operating systems. This means it will allow the users to run applications and programs suited for either of the operating systems.

Why Substitute Raspberry PI With Geniatech?

While many developers may be sceptical about substituting Raspberry Pi with Geniatech, there are many reasons to do so. Let us take a look at why Geniatech computers should not be a hindrance for developers and programmers in what they wish to achieve.

1. Matches The Quality Of Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi has been making computers for quite some time, and their quality is pretty good. Geniatech computers too are made with great processors and have high computing speed, and are inferior to Raspberry Pi in no manner.

2. Affordable

The best part about Geniatech computers is that they are very affordable when compared to Raspberry Pi. So for developers and programmers, who do not want to shell out much money, they can choose to go for Geniatech computers.


As you can see, Geniatech computers are a great substitute to Raspberry Pi computers. The best part about them is that they come at a very affordable and cheap price tag. However, their build and performance quality is at par with some of the best computers from Raspberry Pi. It would be really worth it to try them out!